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July 11, 2017




Welcome to The Artisue Creative! This blog will be a place for me to share my inspirations, techniques and idea's with you all. 


In this first post I thought I'd share with you a little bit about myself and where the creativity all started. 


Please comment at the end of the post telling me where you are you are from and what inspired you to take up art! 



Growing up on a farm in rural NSW Australia was a playground to explore, to be set free, to wander up into the mountains without a care in the world, to swim in our dam (leaches and all!) and catch those glorious Yabby’s, that we all looked forward too.  Just a little bit of salt, pepper and lemon and your mouth was watering with delight.  We had the most beautiful almond tree in our front yard that was our climbing tree or in my case often a quickly used to escape from one of my three brothers.  I would sit up there for hours cracking & crunching on nuts.  


A few days before Christmas Day, Dad and the boys would find the perfect pine tree to cut down for Christmas Day. The smell of a pine tree still triggers such a beautiful memory of me sitting on the floor gathering bits and pieces to make our Christmas tree decorations.  Cutting strips of paper from an old magazine and making glue with flour and water to hold the rings together.  We didn’t have a lot money but we had endless inspiration all around us.  My imagination used to run wild with thinking of all the things I could create out of anything I could gather and find.  I was often lost in my own thoughts.


We were surrounded by animals. Dad’s had a horse called Peter, we had pigs, milking cows, chickens, sheep and lambs.  In the winter months, Mum would be hand raising the little lambs. My sister had a love for cats and used to hide them so Dad wasn’t aware of how many we really had.  We always had three to four dogs at any given time.  Dad took pride and joy in caring for the many birds resident in his aviaries.  Some mornings you would wake up to see hundreds of kangaroos just hanging about eating the grass.  Foxes and rabbits would be bounding about.  We often would find a snake lurking around but the dogs would soon let us know about them.  


My childhood is but a distant dream now but the memories will live with me forever.  Growing up in this environment has made be deeply connected to nature and I hope this will be felt in my artwork of today.

A younger Sue on the left - in my favorite nighty.

It was a beautiful soft peach colour. 



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