Sketch markers come in the widest range of colours and feature a Medium Broad and Super Brush nib combination. The responsive and flexible Super Brush nib delivers a wide range of marks and makes blending easy. The Super Brush nib feels like a saturated, long lasting, flexible brush that never frays. It gives artists the ability to spread ink smoothly in a manner similar to watercolor. The other end has a Medium Broad nib with a firm chisel tip, perfect for airbrushing and colouring large areas. 

Copic Sketch Marker - YR16 Apricot

  • Copic Sketch Markers 101: 


    • Oval shaped barrel
    • Includes a Medium Broad nib and a Super Brush nib
    • Permanent, non-toxic, alcohol based ink
    • Refillable – One bottle of Copic Various Ink will refill a Sketch Marker up to 12 times
    • Compatible with the Copic Airbrush System
    • Unique Super Brush nib delivers a wide range of marks and makes blending easy
    • Sketch markers are commonly used for comics, storyboard illustration, fashion design, interior design, manga, anime, landscape architecture, rubber-stamping, mixed media arts, tattoo arts, calligraphy and more!
    • Available in 358 colours


    Vibrant, Smooth Color

    Copic ink applies smoothly and is easy to blend. The alcohol based ink dries acid free and does not destroy paper fibers the way water based inks do. Also, the open time on uncoated papers is limitless, so you can go back and re-wet the ink years later!


    Permanent & Non-Toxic

    Copic markers are free of harmful chemicals and overwhelming odors, making them much more enjoyable to use than other brands.



    Once you purchase a marker, it is yours for life. By simply refilling the marker and replacing damaged nibs, your marker will last a lifetime. Some artists have been using the same markers for almost 25 years.



    Copic markers will not dry out when not in use. With a guaranteed 3-year shelf life, your investment will not waste away in storage.


    Quality Tested

    Each marker is hand-tested for overall quality and color consistency three times before it is shipped from Japan.


    Super Brush Nib

    This unique, flexible brush allows for smooth blends and paint-like application. No other brush marker on the market has the feel and quality of the Super Brush nib.

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